Happy 8th Birthday Ya Filthy Animal

A couple of years ago, AJC was obsessed with the fear of getting older. Looking for reassurance, he would say to me a hundred times a day, “I never want to grow up.” or “I’m not going to get any older, right?” However, it looks like he has gotten over this fear because he couldn’tContinue reading “Happy 8th Birthday Ya Filthy Animal”

Back to School….Finally

2020 has continued to be bananas, but a mixed bunch. Some have been perfect, and others have been super rotten. Globally, the world has been a dumpster fire. The U.S. has been hit especially hard by Covid, has experienced months of protests to address the continued injustice of Black people in America, and most recentlyContinue reading “Back to School….Finally”

2020 is BANANAS (Part 1)

I haven’t written since New Years.  We all started 2020 like we do the beginning of any year- full of plans and aspirations.  Little did we realize that 2020 had plans of its own. January started innocently enough.  We rushed back from Colombia to welcome some of my dearest friends to Panama.  Over a decadeContinue reading “2020 is BANANAS (Part 1)”