Easter 2022 in North Carolina

We had enough of a school break for Semana Santa that we were able to travel back to the U.S. for Easter. BC was actually already traveling. He spent an amazing 3 weeks in Chile with his best friend on an epic guys trip. My trip was a close runner up. After Christmas, Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love the cheerful colors and the fresh newness of the earth’s rebirth. It’s fitting that my name means “Resurrection of Spring.”

I travelled alone with the boys to Raleigh to visit my sister and her family. My parents met us there as well. We did all the traditions- coloring Easter eggs, the hunt for the basket, the outside egg hunt, and the Easter Bunny cake. It’s always a joy to relive this magic through the experience of our children.

This year, the boys have been super into StarWars. Somehow the Easter Bunny knew a Star Wars themed basket would be perfect for them, complete with x-wing lego sets.

We also had time for some fun activities. We tried to get the kids energy out at a trampoline park. We also visited a farm for a “unicorn experience.” However, the boys could not be tricked and they kept telling me it was just a horse with a horn attached to it. We also explored one of our favorite museums, the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.

As always, the trip went by way too fast. Luckily, the next time we travel to the U.S. it will be for our long summer vacation! We can’t wait!

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