AJC’s 9th Birthday- So ‘sus’

When reviewing our amazing year, I’ve realized that I forgot to write about one very special day- AJC’s 9th birthday. This is a very big occasion, 1 year away from double digits and inching ever so closer to pre-teen. Hopefully I still have a few “big kid” years to enjoy before he hits full onContinue reading “AJC’s 9th Birthday- So ‘sus’”

Surf, Skate, Pupusas- El Salvador 2022

One of the most amazing things about living in this small community has been the bonds that we have built with other families. One family we have grown very close with are the Zambranos. The father is Panamanian and the mom is from El Salvador. The kids are right around the same age of ourContinue reading “Surf, Skate, Pupusas- El Salvador 2022”

Buffalove Christmas 2021

Last year due to the pandemic, we weren’t able to travel for the holidays. While our first Christmas in the tropics was a beautiful experience, it was still heartbreaking not to see our family. This year with everyone vaccinated and what we expected to be a decline in COVID, we booked our tickets to Buffalo.Continue reading “Buffalove Christmas 2021”

PJC’s Retro 6th Birthday

PJC has grown up so much in the past year. January through April were really difficult months as he was experiencing a flare from PANS (brain inflammation due to an immune response). He regressed in everything, had OCD and anxiety symptoms, and zero emotional regulation. It was so hard to watch him struggle. He wentContinue reading “PJC’s Retro 6th Birthday”