Back to School….Finally

2020 has continued to be bananas, but a mixed bunch. Some have been perfect, and others have been super rotten. Globally, the world has been a dumpster fire. The U.S. has been hit especially hard by Covid, has experienced months of protests to address the continued injustice of Black people in America, and most recentlyContinue reading “Back to School….Finally”

2020 is BANANAS (Part 1)

I haven’t written since New Years.  We all started 2020 like we do the beginning of any year- full of plans and aspirations.  Little did we realize that 2020 had plans of its own. January started innocently enough.  We rushed back from Colombia to welcome some of my dearest friends to Panama.  Over a decadeContinue reading “2020 is BANANAS (Part 1)”

New Year’s in Colombia

From the wintery blister of Buffalo, we headed to tropical Cartagena, Colombia for New Year’s. Cartagena is located on the Caribbean coast and features an old colonial city surrounded by a protective wall. I didn’t expect to like Cartagena because I expected it to be just like Panama City. It totally exceeded my expectations. WhileContinue reading “New Year’s in Colombia”

End of the Year Celebrations

The boys wrapped up their school year on December 5th with an end of year celebration. Asher finished 1st grade and Parker completed pre-k 2. The year was not without its challenges. It was the first year for the new international school in Pedasi. We feel thankful to finally have a quality educational option inContinue reading “End of the Year Celebrations”