Summer of Fun 2021 (Part 2)

Summers in Buffalo have a special place in my heart. It’s where I spent every summer growing up. The weather is usually beautiful, there are acres of rolling green farmland, and the summer produce is abundant. Summer days are filled with fun activities and summer nights are for playing baseball in the backyard, getting after-dinner ice cream cones, and roasting s’mores on the fire. It’s Americana in it’s glory. This summer was no different. I did send the boys to a couple summer camps- one specially to teach them about their brain and sensory system (this was their favorite, surprisingly!) and a ninja warrior camp (which they also enjoyed). We still had time to pack in our favorite activities, but most importantly we got to spend time with our family, especially our favorite grandmother, Grandma Betty.

She even dyed her hair purple like the kids!

Backyard fun to beat the heat! We were there on probably the hottest three weeks of the summer. Just when I thought I would get a break from always sweating!

One of our favorite activities is visiting the animal safari and petting zoo in Varysburg. We were able to view, pet and feed exotic animals from all over the world. The kids weren’t totally sure about the over-friendly goats.

One of the most magical days is always our visit to the Strong museum in Rochester. This is the most extensive kids play museum, and the kids always say it in their favorite day. In fact, we needed to go back a second day to explore it all.

We also took the time when we were in Rochester to explore the small zoo there for the first time. We got to do one of my favorite activities -feed the giraffes-one of which was named Parker!

A newer, super cool addition to Buffalo is Canalside, complete with the Explore and More Museum. When we were there, AJC spotted a character artist and had to have his portrait done. The kids were so thrilled to see themselves as their fantasy characters.

Of course it wouldn’t be summer without a baseball game. Go Buffalo Bisons (the only team who also has a Buffalo hot wing, carrot, and blue cheese sauce as its mascots).

Another way we indulge in the summer is with treats we normally wouldn’t get to enjoy- donuts, ice cream, s’mores. This year, the hit was playing the game, Chubby Bunny. AJC was the kid champion by stuffing four in his mouth, but Papa John and BC battled for the adult title. BC finally pulled through with a record breaking 15. It’s all part of the summer fun.

As a child, my favorite place to visit in the summer time was always Olcott Beach. It’s full of charm and sits on beautiful Lake Ontario. I love being able to take my kids there.

In addition to our amazing family, we also have made some really close friends with (follow me here….) my counsin-in-law’s sister and her family. They have three adorable kids that really match our kids’ energy level. They are instantaneous best friends. We had some super fun outings with them including the kids’ (and BC’s) first time on the Maid on the Mist. Before this age, I had been too scared to take my kids to Niagra Falls because I didn’t trust them to not jump in. It’s still not a sure bet, but at least their getting a little less crazy.

Our friends also own a dairy farm and brought the boys there to show them how the farm operates and also to play with including driving a real go-kart.

As always, our summer flew by. Six weeks seems like it should be a long time, but when you pack every day to the fullest, it goes by so quick. We made an abundance of new memories, and we can’t wait to return.

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