First Day of School 2021

Ahhh, summer is glorious. But so is the first day of school (at least for the parents!). This year is especially great because it is the first year that AJC and PJC are going to the same school and will be on the exact same schedule. Their school is AMAZING! It’s a Reggio-Emilio inspired school located in the jungle of Panama. They spend a lot of time exploring nature, following inquiries of interest, and learning about character building and social-emotional skills. However, it’s super academic as well (at least 1st grade and up). PJC has an amazing teacher with over a decade of Reggio-Emilio experience teaching all over the globe and even was a African safari guide in the past. AJC has a brand new, energetic teacher that has also lived in many international destinations and has an adventurous spirit. Not only are they both in an awesome school- there is actually a bus this year! Our biggest stress last year was transportation since the school is an hour away. This year, the owner of a local surf/skate school organized bus transportation for the all the kids if they also participate in his academy twice a week- yes, please!

So far, the year is going really well. The kids are exhausted by the time they get home! Sometimes they can only stare at a screen, but other nights they muster up enough energy to play on our skate ramp. I’m not sure where all the energy comes from. The only issue is doing the homework battle with AJC. I can’t complain though because he has come so far with his OCD that it’s almost non-existent, and we have really been learning better management of ADHD. It’s a light year’s difference from the struggles he’s endured in the past.

We are really looking forward to seeing all of the growth and adventures this year will bring!

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