One of the most amazing gems that we have in this town is Teacher Emily. She is an incredible teacher who has taught my kids everything from academics, Spanish, and now theatre. Last year, she started a theatre class and the kids put on a wonderful production of Cinderella. However, this spring, she and the kids really went all out with an amazing production of Aladdin.

Let me say that the kids’ love of theatre has come as a huge surprise to me. I would have never had the confidence at their age to perform, and I still don’t have the tone or rhythm for musicals. However, the kids come alive with excitement during the class. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the kids would wake up excited for the class that afternoon, and at dinner when we asked the best of their day, they always said, “theatre!”

And this wasn’t just any theatre production- it was Aladdin! It has been Asher’s dream for awhile to play Aladdin. He would run around the house jumping off of the coffee table and bookshelves while singing “One Jump,” and Parker loved to follow up as the loyal Abu. Also, Parker has been signing “Arabian Nights” non-stop since Christmas 2019. Teacher Emily made their dream become a reality. The kids worked long hours for 8 weeks on learning lines, songs, dance moves, and making the costumes and the set. The final presentation took place at Casa Bambu. The night made everyone’s heart full with joy and pride for our kids and love for our little community.

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