Merry Christmas 2022

For the first time we celebrated the holidays in North Carolina. It was the first Christmas without Grandma Betty which means a little magic was gone, but hopefully she was watching the festivities commence from above. It’s a weird thing to become an adult and be the one responsible for the magic. Although I’m not sure how much the kids will remember, but I’m hoping the remember the feeling.

Of course, Aunt Heidi had her house decorated over the top, and she planned a special activity every day. Like last year, our best laid plans were thwarted by both sickness and weather. North Carolina had record breaking cold and wind (but NO snow) so most of the outside events were cancelled. Then we got hit with the flu, and it knocked us all over like dominoes. Poor AJC was miserable on Christmas Day and could hardly get the energy to open presents.

Instead of going out, we spent every evening watching Christmas movies which the kids loved. We also continued with all the traditions like cookie decorating, crafts, and the North Pole breakfast that was a “Partying with my Gnomies theme.” Despite the setbacks we still had so much fun and lots of good family time.

Christmas morning, AJC was gifted roller blades and ice skating lesson so he could begin his quest to become a hockey player (tough dream for a kid living in Panama). He even got to go to his first real NHL game.

They also received private Jedi training from a real Jedi. That morning, the fog around the house was like pea soup, and all of a sudden a Jedi appeared through the mist. The kids were in awe and were so excited to learn Jedi skills. Luckily the Jedi master was prepared because our little expert Padawans had so many questions. He passed all their quizzes and pronounced that the force was with them.

To celebrate the New Year, the kids learned about resolutions and goal setting. BC taught them to make fresh pasta, and we visited the Chinese New Year light festival.

As usual, it was so hard to leave (and to admit that my favorite season was over). Luckily, we still had one more adventure. BC’s cousin was getting married in the Dominican Republic so we made a pit stop there on the way home. We spent the week enjoying the resort and catching up with his side of the family.

We finally arrived home and fell back into our regular routine. We’re ready to see what adventures 2023 brings.

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