AJC is 10- Avengers Assemble!

In March, AJC celebrated turning double digits. While we spent last year making our way through the Star Wars saga, this year, AJC has been dedicated to all things Marvel. So of course, the party was an Avengers party. We celebrated with his closest friends. The kids got to pick a super hero identity, complete a super power obstacle course and assemble for one final battle. Finally they at Captain America shield pizzas. All had a blast, and we only had one kiddo go to the hospital for head stitches.

AJC turning 10 has hit me hard, not only because it’s a major milestone- but I already see adolescence around the corner. He already is testing boundaries and often has that “too cool for school” attitude. All the fun things we used to bond over- legos, Disney movies, art are changing to a love of sports, action movies, and film making. His essence is still the same, but it’s maturing before our eyes. We are lucky that he has strong friendships, an excellent educational environment, and a loving heart to guide him into this next stage.

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