AJC’s 9th Birthday- So ‘sus’

When reviewing our amazing year, I’ve realized that I forgot to write about one very special day- AJC’s 9th birthday. This is a very big occasion, 1 year away from double digits and inching ever so closer to pre-teen. Hopefully I still have a few “big kid” years to enjoy before he hits full on teenager.

AJC woke up to his favorite breakfast and some decorations including a “Nine Reasons You’re Awesome” poster. He remarked several times that it was his favorite decoration and still has it hanging up several months later. This boy loves some positive affirmation.

As usual, he was very involved in throwing his party. He had several theme ideas we worked through (and I expertly planned each only to have him change his mind): legos, star wars, and finally….Among Us. At the time, he was super into playing the Among Us video game. We decided to throw a small party with just our closest family friends and turn it into a real like Among Us game. I set up different tasks throughout the house. Before the game started, one kid was secretly picked as the killer. While doing their tasks, the other kids had to try and figure out who the killer was. This led to some pretty intense debating and trickery. They played about three times and had a blast.

Afterward, they decorated their own pizzas, swam and skated and enjoyed cupcakes. Everyone had a great time, and most importantly, AJC was super happy with the party. And even though he didn’t have a Star Wars party, he was excited about his favorite gift- his very first light saber.

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