New Year’s in Colombia

From the wintery blister of Buffalo, we headed to tropical Cartagena, Colombia for New Year’s. Cartagena is located on the Caribbean coast and features an old colonial city surrounded by a protective wall. I didn’t expect to like Cartagena because I expected it to be just like Panama City. It totally exceeded my expectations. WhileContinue reading “New Year’s in Colombia”

End of the Year Celebrations

The boys wrapped up their school year on December 5th with an end of year celebration. Asher finished 1st grade and Parker completed pre-k 2. The year was not without its challenges. It was the first year for the new international school in Pedasi. We feel thankful to finally have a quality educational option inContinue reading “End of the Year Celebrations”

Real Life on a Permanent Vacation

While some probably think living in Pedasi is a permanent vacation, we actually have developed a pretty regular schedule.  Time is weird here.  It moves slowly, but also seems to fly by.  By Friday, I’m always wondering where the week went and why I didn’t get anything done.  I think part of it is thatContinue reading “Real Life on a Permanent Vacation”

Saldanas Come to Panama 2019

In June, we had our first non-family visitors.  Our good friends, the Saldana family, came all the way from California to visit us.  They have a wonderful adventurous spirit, love to travel, and want to expose their children to different cultures.  However, the best thing about being with them is their sense of humor.  WeContinue reading “Saldanas Come to Panama 2019”