PJC Turns 4!

In November, PJC turned the big four. I always forget that he is actually so young because he keeps up with his older brother. To celebrate he wanted a T-Rex party. This is his third dinosaur party in a row. I’m not sure he realizes he can choose anything different.

We had about forty people show up. It was craziness. The kids made scratch off Dino masks, played in the pool, and ran all over the playground. Brian made a gourmet spread like usual- bollos rellenos, chorizo, etc. For the dessert, I tried to make chocolate Bundt cakes that looked like volcanoes. They were a bit of a Pinterest fail, but hopefully everyone got the idea. Brian talked me into getting a piñata which of course was every kids favorite part. All in all, it was another party success- a wonderful time to join with this community that we’ve made here and celebrate all of our children growing together in this unique place. There was the one moment Parker jumped in the deep end of the pool without his floaties and I had to run across the yard to jump in and save him. I guess goal number 1 for year four is learning to swim!

There are hardly any pics of the event since we were too busy hosting, but it was basically the same as last year so we can look at those.

He is telling me already for next year that he wants a pirate party, so we’ll see if this is our last Dino party for awhile.

As Parker grows his personality continues to emerge. He is a kid who either wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and is a moody disaster all day or wakes up on the right side and is the most fun kid around. The week of his birthday, he was an emotional wreck and I put him to bed every night at 6:30 because I could handle any more. Maybe he was experiencing a big developmental shirt, because the next week he was talkative, funny, playful and loving. No matter what, he is always our spirited, fearless jungle child. We are sure he will bring us many adventures through the next year.

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