End of the Year Celebrations

The boys wrapped up their school year on December 5th with an end of year celebration. Asher finished 1st grade and Parker completed pre-k 2. The year was not without its challenges. It was the first year for the new international school in Pedasi. We feel thankful to finally have a quality educational option in our small town. However, there were lots of kinks that were working themselves out the whole year. Luckily the kinks were more frustrating for the adults and the kids seemed to be really happy.

We especially saw a lot of growth with AJC this year. There were only five kids in his class, and he had a very structured but nurturing teacher. Where else would he have had such personal attention? He learned to read which was our biggest goal of the year, and he also grew more confident socially. It was awesome to see him make connections with his peers.

In addition to school, we packed the year full with other extra-curricular activities. Both boys loved Jujitzu, and Asher discovered a talent for art in an weekly art class. We also tried to plan Friday after school activities for all the kids which sometimes meant play dates or practice with a soccer coach. All these new friends meant a lot of birthday parties too! There was never a dull moment!

Learning fundamentals with a soccer pro!

Jujitzu games with Profe John

Fun with teacher Emily at Spanish class.

Lots of school projects. We did a lot of homework!

The school participated in the cart parade.

Natael’s birthday party.

Aliah’s birthday party.

The end of the year Christmas party. Despite all the homework I had to do, it was a great school year. It’s amazing how much we pack into the year and how much the kids grow. We are now ready to start and epic holiday season and “summer break.”

P.S. Parker loves his Santa hat so much he slept with it on and wore it for three days.

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