Buffalove Summer 2019

Our kids trimester break coincided with Labor Day which made it the perfect time to travel to the States.  We chose to visit our family in Buffalo because my father was hosting our family reunion.  I wasn’t able to attend my grandfather’s funeral in February, and I thought this would be the best way to see all the family at once.  Seeing all the family was wonderful, but the best parts was getting to spend the week with my closest relatives- Aunts, Uncles, and my Grandmother.  My grandmother is doing remarkable well and is adjusting to her new normal.  I treasure every moment that I get to see her, and I also love how rejuvenated she is by being around the littles.  She loves to observe the chaos. My sister came up as well, and it was amazing to see our kids interact with each other.  Her little girl is almost two and loves jumping in full force with whatever my boys are doing.

Even though summer was wrapping up, we still got a glimpse of the perfect Americana summer.  The weather was amazing, and we were able to take advantage of Labor Day parades, fairs, farmer’s market, and a lot of time playing in all their parks.  The kids’ favorite “park” was Pautler’s which is a family owned fast food/ice cream joint that has an epic playground area.  We went probably five times during the week (hence my 10lb weight gain over 6 days).  I was so impressed with the boys because each time, they made friends and were remarkably social.  This is huge growth for kids that used to refuse to go on a play structure if other kids were on it.  Both boys thrived this trip and soaked up every ounce of attention and adventure.

My grandmother and her sisters holding court at the family reunion.
Connecting with Aunt Shirley.


Playing at the family reunion. The boys enjoyed connecting with their distant cousins.

On Labor Day, we attended the local firehall parade and fair.  I told the kids that if they waved at the fire engines that they might get candy.  I thought PJC’s arm was going to fall off.  He should be a professional parade goer, he didn’t stop jumping and waving for two hours.  Afterward, they had a blast with their cousins at the fair riding metal death traps.

Waiting for the parade. to start.
Waving his arm off.


On the hunt for candy.


Another fun day was apple picking.  Becker’s Farm offers picking of different fruits depending on the season.  PJC ate a record five apples while we were picking, and I wasn’t far behind him.  The farm also includes animals, a great playground, a restaurant and brewery.  In addition to apples, we came home with fudge, apple cider doughnuts, and hard cider.


Hanging with the llamas.


Eating the biggest pretzel ever.

Of course a lot of the fun we have in Buffalo is just hanging out at the house, on my grandmother’s porch or at the town parks.

Mastering bowling. He also loved keeping score.
Movie night!
Taking a swing break after scootering to the park.
Art table on the porch.
Being mesmerized by kid song videos.
Enjoying a peach. They are amazing in the summer time.
The epic slide that has been at the town park since I was a kid.
Celebrating the September birthday girls.
A hike to “deer rock” to visit a indigenous burial ground.

This trip was only a week which is shorter than our usual visits, but we were still able to stuff so much in.  Leaving was a bit easier this time since we know we will be back in a few short months for Christmas.  We are already ready for the most magical time of the year.

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