North Carolina June 2019

For the boys’ first trimester break, we flew to North Carolina to visit family.  While we spent most of the time in Raleigh, we also took a weekend trip to Wrightsville Beach.  Wrightsville is one of the places we are considering upon our reentry to the U.S.  We wanted to spend more time there to get a feel for if it would be a good fit.  While we had a great time, the jury is still out if it is THE place.  Time will tell.

Wrightsville Beach with Papa John
Pirate tour in W.B. Parker’s pirate name was Captain Cannonball.
A visit to an island to search for treasure on the pirate tour. Asher’s pirate name was Captain Sharktooth

As usual, our time in North Carolina was amazing.  We packed it full of activities for the kids and took advantages of all the conveniences of suburban life.

Getting in all of our appointments – dentists, doctor’s, haircuts, pedicures, and lots of shopping!
Beating the heat at Heidi’s house.
Took in the game at the Durham Bulls.
Asher and Heidi cheering on the Durham Bulls. The kids go for the popcorn.

We have our staples that we always visit- the Marbles museum, Pullen Park, the Aloha Animal Rescue Zoo, the amazing Museum of Science and Life in Durham.  There is just so much for families to do in Raleigh.  Another favorite activity for the kids this time was being able to see the new Aladdin movie in the theatre (which started a little rough since Parker does not understand the concept of quiet and Asher has no patience for that).

Creativity and imagination thrive at Marbles.
Their favorite spot is always the dinosaur volcano.
Papa John teaches them to use the wood working tools to build a toy airplane.


Playing train at Aloha Animal Rescue. We saw so many amazing animals including a baby lemur and a baby monkey.
Papa John making friends with a dromedary.
Logan getting up close and personal.
Me feeding Stretch- one of my spirit animals. Someday I’ll cross this off my bucket list  on a true safari.
Trekking dinosaurs in Durham’s Museum of Science and Life.
Logan handling the epic tree house like a boss.
Taking the train through the museum grounds.
Learning through play.
Asher racing his big cat through Pullen Park

Every time we leave, it’s like tearing a bit of my heart away.  While I stuff that feeling inside, Asher wears it clearly on his sleeve.  There were lots of tears as we headed off to the airport.  It’s so hard to live far away from family, and returning to a totally different environment increases the challenge.  Luckily it only took a couple days for us to adjust back to life in Panama.  It also always easier when we know when we’ll see family again.  Can’t wait for our trip in September to Buffalo!


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