Saldanas Come to Panama 2019

In June, we had our first non-family visitors.  Our good friends, the Saldana family, came all the way from California to visit us.  They have a wonderful adventurous spirit, love to travel, and want to expose their children to different cultures.  However, the best thing about being with them is their sense of humor.  We laughed through the entire week with them and had a blast.

It was also so heartwarming to have them here because their children are closer to Asher’s age.  One of the biggest challenges of being here is that there aren’t many kids in our community around his age.  He often talks about feeling like he doesn’t have any best friends.  Asher connected right away with Matteo who is also six.  They were equally annoying and found each other hilarious.  There was a lot of potty humor and non-stop talking.  It was also good for me to observe.  Because we don’t know many other six year old boys, it was reassuring to see that, yes, my son is normal and his annoying behaviors are totally age appropriate (though still super annoying).

The Saldana’s actually spent twenty days in Panama.  We helped them prepare an itinerary, and their last week was with us.  If you are interested in all of our Panama suggestions, check out this travel plan we prepared for them.

They arrived just in time for the inauguration of our new playground! The kids spent a lot of time playing in their new hideout and drawing treasure maps.
Exploring the beach and the “castle ruins” together on Playa Los Destiladeros.


All the kids took a surf lesson together in Playa Venao. Note for the future: only do lessons where their is one adult per child.  Otherwise chaos ensues.
Asher rode his first 30 second wave.
Playing races at Blue Beach Club in Playa Venao.  The kids also took a slime making class there hosted by Casa Vivu.
We explored our good friends’ farm at Finca 588. The sustainable, organic produce and livestock they are able to harvest here is amazing. The kids loved seeing ducks, chickens, and pigs. Their favorite was their little potbellied pig, Yucca.
Besties right away!
Headed toward Isla Iguana!

While they visited us, we tried to give them a good balance of fun, adventure and relaxation time.  They explored the beaches, Isla Iguana, and the kids spent their afternoons in Spanish class together.  I think we were all surprised by how hard it was to say good bye.  Their love of life and laughter brought a joy to our house, and a big void was left when they had to return to the States.  We hope they loved their time in Panama because we loved them being here.

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