Buffalove Summer 2018

Before our big move to Panama, we spent 3 weeks visiting family in Buffalo. All my summers were spent here, and the area is filled with nostalgia for me. It also provides the boys with the quintessential Americana summer. We’re talking s’mores, parades, dinner in our wet bathing suits, ice cream cones, and lots of hot dogs. We planned an adventure almost everyday that ranged from the Strong museum, a pirate ship adventure, the zoo, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, cherry picking, an animal adventure park, and their very first baseball game. It was exhausting, but provided countless memories and quality time with our large family. It’s always amazing to watch the new generation through the eyes of their great grandparents. It was also beautiful to see my boys bond with their baby cousin. It went by quickly, and too soon it was time to say goodbye. This time the goodbye felt heavier since it is loaded with the complex emotions surrounding our moves. The only thing making it easier is our return ticket for Christmas.

Time with the great-grands.

Uncle Dave’s birthday. Good thing he wanted super hero decorations!

Parker’s favorite new hobby- poop hunting with Papa John.

Our many adventures:

Asher said he wanted to be a cherry farmer so he could pick cherries for ever. Parker specializes in eating them.

Asher’s new bad habit, climbing into his grandparents bed in the middle of the night. Somehow my mom could sleep with him on top of her.

Their first baseball game and hats. They memorized “Take me out to the ballgame on the way there.”

A special treat: Aunt Heidi made them soy Ice cream in gluten free cones during movie night.

Cousin Power!

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