Happiness in Happy Hallow

It’s really starting to become a reality that we are short timers in California. BC and I keep talking about making a bucket list, but so far we haven’t put anything on paper, and the only things we’ve talked about involve food (not surprising). This weekend was a rarity because we had no swim lessons, no birthday parties, and no commitments. What should we do with all that free time? I talked BC into bringing the kids to Happy Hollow which is this sweet little amusement park/ mini zoo in San Jose. He whined about driving over the hill, but later conceded that it was worth it. The kids had a blast and it was perfect for their ages. Turns out AJC is a little thrill seeker and went on all the rides twice. Also much cheaper and much less waiting than Disney- we’re still avoiding the happiest place on earth. This is enough happiness for now.

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