Blast Off to Six

This month we celebrated Asher’s sixth (yes, sixth!) birthday.  Since his 5th birthday party, he has known exactly what he wanted for his 6th birthday- a rocket ship party!  This year, Asher has really developed a love of all things space, and he really wanted a party that was out of this world.

We tried to meet his expectations.  In addition to the pool, we had stomp rockets, parachute shooters, a galaxy water table, a rocket ship craft, and a lunar rock hunt.  After all that prep and execution, people were most impressed by the food.  Brian made a deconstructed Guacho bar (which in layman’s terms is like a Chipotle burrito bowl bar).  People told him it was the best meal they had ever had in Panama.  I thought we’d have tons of leftovers, but the trays were wiped clean.

We hope Asher loved his party.  This year has been a challenging one for him.  He has really had to stretch out of his comfort zone as we made the huge transitions to a new country with a new language, several new schools, and a rotating door of friends.  We’ve expected a lot from him, and we continue to challenge him.  Sometimes it is too much for him, and his anxiety is overwhelming, almost paralyzing.  Other times, he loses himself in they joy of childhood and loves playing in the ocean waves or exploring his natural surroundings. Nothing makes us happier than when we see him truly happy.  We wish him year full of growth, confidence, joy, and love.


We used art that the kids made during the space month at Kids Club for decoration.
Papa John (in the red hat) became everyone’s surrogate grandparent. He is instantly loved by kids.
One of Parker’s best friends, Martha. She loves to hug and kiss him. He lets her do it, but is totally oblivious.
The birthday boy! It was too windy and the candle wouldn’t stay lit, so he had to pretend to blow it out.
Tula and her dad Seth.
Jenny with Milo and Leo.
Dean (with Carl looking over his shoulder), Milo, Leo and Jenny.
Parker full fisting the chocolate cupcake.
Not with the theme, but teacher Emily brought dino masks.


We had a “moon rock hunt” which is like an Easter egg hunt, but they got to find little balls that held baby alien toys inside.


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