Isla Iguana

One of the most popular tourist attractions in our area is Isla Iguana, a small island that is a 20 minute boat ride away from Pedasi.  We had never been, so when a friend  offered to arrange a trip, we jumped at the chance to go with some of our favorite family friends.



You travel on small panga boats.  Our driver was Papin, who all the kids loved.  We happened to pick a day that was super windy so the ride was really choppy.  The kids laughed the entire way as we crashed over each wave.  It was like a roller coaster for them.  Well, they were laughing until one wave hit us and we all hit the deck, ooops!  Luckily,  they recovered, and we soon saw the island drawing near.


When we arrived, we were greeted by clear turquoise waters and white sand.  Because it was a Saturday, there were lots of pangas bringing tourists and locals.  Our friends told us this was the most crowded they have ever seen it. This is what crowded looks like:



The kids spent the day playing in the sand and exploring the coral filled water.  AJC especially loved cruising on the surfboard and diving down into the water.  His confidence in the water has grown exponentially.  He is constantly telling us he wants to dive deep in the ocean (his swimming has gotten better, but his confidence is higher than his skills at this point).

There is also a small, 5 minute hike that we took to the other side of the island.  On the other side is a small cove and rock formations that the kids loved to climb.

It’s called Isla Iguana because it’s supposed to filled with Iguanas, but we didn’t see a single one all day.  We enjoyed lunch there and eventually traveled back on an even choppier ride.  We were hoping to spot some sea life, especially whales since it was close to the end of the season, but due to the windy weather, we didn’t have any luck. That’s okay because I foresee lots of trips to Isla Iguana in our future.

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