Happy Birthday to Asher!

Asher turned 5! Asher’s last year has been his best yet. He has really blossomed, and we’ve seen his language and social skills explode. He has developed lightyears since turning 4.

I usually have a strict no birthday party rule, but now that he’s 5, he’s super aware of having a party. Also since this is will be his last chance for a party in the States for awhile, I wanted to give home the chance to party with all of his friends.

I gave him a billion theme ideas, but he was set on having an airplane party (just like his first birthday). I switched it up a bit by having a Top Gun “Danger Zone” theme. Thank goodness Mama Shelley and Papa John came in town for the party because it took all four adults laboring for a week to prepare. We rented out our church and had a huge space to have bouncy houses and airplane games. It was complete chaos, but the kids had a blast!

On Asher’s actually 5th birthday, he celebrated with a birthday circle at school and his special request for dinner, breakfast food. Five is going to be fabulous!

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