Thankfulness in 2020

While this year has been challenging in a lot of ways, it has also illuminated how much we have to be grateful for. During the pandemic we have been constantly reminded how lucky we are to live in a place that has been minimally touched by Covid, a place where we still have freedom of movement, where our kids can attend micro-schools, where we can continue to be immersed in the natural beauty surrounding us, and especially where we can continue to connect with our community. This was never so evident as Thanksgiving.

In October, we took our first family vacay since the lockdown to Morrillo. The kids hated to leave and we promised to return with all of their friends. I thought it was an empty promise at the time, but BC made it happen. He worked with the resort and our friends to organize renting out the entire resort for the holiday. We travelled with five other families to the Morrillo Eco Resort, and we spent four days on the ultimate family and friends vacation.

It was the perfect location for a group trip. The kids played non-stop and the adults could either join in or watch them from the balcony of the restaurant while we socialized. The resort went above and beyond to host us and make the kids feel at home. They organized a treasure hunt and even baked a gingerbread house for them to decorate. The kids ran free throughout the resort, the beach, and the lazy river. We were able to visit a nearby turtle sanctuary and participate in a baby turtle liberation. We also travelled to nearby trails in search of waterfalls, and the kids tested their bravery as they climbed higher and higher to jump off.

While Thanksgiving get togethers in the U.S. were limited to no more than 6 people, we felt blessed to be celebrating together with such a tight knit group of families. We especially love to see our kids’ joy as they run free with all their friends.

We are hearing rumors that the government might lock everything down again to prevent travel over the Christmas season. We will see, but we know even in that situation we have so much to be thankful for. We hope that the new year brings less challenges, and we especially hope that those who need relief, find it quickly. However, we are not blind to the lessons that 2020 was meant to teach us.

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