Cambutal 2019

We took a little weekend getaway to Cambutal.  Cambutal is only about an hour and a half from Pedasi.  Cambutal is one of Brian’s favorite places.  He truly feels at peace when he is there.  Around ten years ago (maybe more), we visited together and there was nothing.  Just a dirt road only crossable by 4×4 and untouched beaches.  Brian thought about buying property then, but we decided it was too remote.  Fast forward to today, and it has been discovered.  Luckily, like most things in Panama, it hasn’t been exploited yet.  There’s a street of hotels, but the development is still pretty minimal.  It still a pristine coastal beauty.

We stayed at Hotel Playa Cambutal, which is perfect for families. They are right on the beach, have a great pool and a playground.  Since our kids have zero playgrounds in Pedasi, this was a hit.  The kids spent hours climbing the trees and playing on the playground.  We even brought our dinner to the picnic table next to the playground so they could play while we ate.  Vacationing in Playa Cambutal is pretty tranquilo.  We spent one day just chilling at the beach and the pool.  The tides were perfect for playing in the white water and finding sand dollars dotting the sand.  At night we stopped by the Cambutal Market which is a monthly market the hotels host featuring local artisans.  It was small, but it had a live music and a cool vibe.

The pool at Hotel Playa Cambutal. We did some night swimming on our first night.
The sunset on the beach in front of the Hotel Playa Cambutal.

Sunset beach session outside the hotel.  They love to roll around in the whitewater, but when they do this, I find sand in their ears for days later.

On our last day, we scheduled a tour coordinated by the hotel.  It’s a tour on an off roading Polaris.  They take you across beaches, through rivers, up rocky roads to a small farm.  We are allowed to hike through the farmer’s land to find a waterfall.  Of course, BC found his 20 year old self again and had to jump from the top.  The water was bit too cold and strong for the kids, but we enjoyed playing for a little while.  On the way back, we stopped at these natural ocean pools and caves where we spent some time and had lunch.  The tour took most of the day.  We definitely felt like we were “off the beaten path”, and the exhausted kids feel asleep on the Polaris. After that, we headed home.  I’m sure we’ll be back, as Brian loves Cambutal.  It will also be interesting to keep an eye on how it changes.


The property Brian had his eye on 10 years ago. He can still dream…

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