Easter Eggstravaganza 2018

Actually Easter was pretty mellow this year. Brian was in Panama for the week, and I decided to take the opportunity to potty train Parker. So most of our fun was had at the house instead of community events. We colored eggs, made cookies, enjoyed a bunny breakfast, did an Easter basket hunt (that lasted 15 seconds) and had our friend LJ over for an egg hunt. All the while running Parker to the potty and changing his underwear 5 million times. We did make it to church. I worked the children’s check in table and Asher did an amazing job saying “Happy Easter” to every.single.person that walked by.

They were most excited about their new books in their basket (and skittles), and we spent a lot the day reading. They also had a blast with LJ and ran around the house like crazy. It was a weekend full of Easter joy!

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