Blast Off to Six

This month we celebrated Asher’s sixth (yes, sixth!) birthday.  Since his 5th birthday party, he has known exactly what he wanted for his 6th birthday- a rocket ship party!  This year, Asher has really developed a love of all things space, and he really wanted a party that was out of this world. We tried … More Blast Off to Six

Parents in Pedasi

This month we were thrilled to welcome my parents to Pedasi. They were our first family from the U.S, to come visit us in our new home. I was so excited, but the boys were even more excited to see their grandparents. They have a special bond with them, and they couldn’t wait to make … More Parents in Pedasi

Cambutal 2019

We took a little weekend getaway to Cambutal.  Cambutal is only about an hour and a half from Pedasi.  Cambutal is one of Brian’s favorite places.  He truly feels at peace when he is there.  Around ten years ago (maybe more), we visited together and there was nothing.  Just a dirt road only crossable by … More Cambutal 2019

Ode to Papa Pete

Recently, I received a surprising phone call one morning as I was leaving the house to drop the kids at school.  It was unusual for my mom to call me at that hour, and she had a sense of urgency about her.  She struggled at first because she couldn’t figure out how to sugar coat … More Ode to Papa Pete

Boys in Boquete 2019

We have been blessed here to make such good friends with other families in the international community.  One family we have particularly bonded with because they have small boys as well.  Our boys play so well so we get together often.  Unfortunately, they had only planned to stay in Pedasi a year, and of course, … More Boys in Boquete 2019